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Catherine bennett presents an installation of dance on film

Opening reception 8 pm 21st July 

9 films take the viewer on a journey into a series of  immersive environments, lush with color and breathtaking  imagery of the sea, mountains and meadows of santa barbara. 

With james connolly’s eclectic music guiding the senses, viewers will see projections on ice, glass, paper, cloth and wood. 

Dancers Erika klouman, emily proctor meister,  and monica meilin ford, interpret the choreography of robin biso, while Patrick block performs his unique version of butoh.

installation designed by catherine bennett, with assistance from Jonathan smith. 

Directing, editing and film by catherine bennett. 

Choreography by robin bisio, emily proctor meister and patrick block. Makeup and costumes by Anaya Cullen And Catherine bennett.

Creator biography:

Catherine Bennett has a degree in fine art, but only turned her artist’s eyes to making dance films in 2005. her dance films have been shown at film festivals around the USA and film installations at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival for the last six years.

“The convergence of electronic art, media and technology is transforming our society, I embrace technology but use it to take us back out into our natural world.  All of my films are shot in nature: on the sea shore, underwater, in meadows and in the desert. “

Opening reception 8 pm 21st July at FISHBON 101 Sth Quarantina St Santa Barbara

$10 entrance  

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