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Meeting of the Funk Zone Creatives

Dear Creatives of the Funk Zone,

On behalf of Fishbon, The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative, Oreana Winery, and The Santa Barbara Foundation we would like to invite you to a meeting of artists and creative professionals from the Funk Zone.

Whether you are an artist, or graphic designer; a gallery owner, or business owner who features art; an artisan or a contributor to the Funk Zone Murals, we would love to have your participation.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together the creative groups and individuals that have played such an important part in making the Funk Zone a wonderfully unique neighborhood. As the area goes through greater development it will be increasingly important for the creative community to band together to make sure their voices continue to have influence in the area.

This meeting is a chance to get to know those that share the neighborhood. It will also be a chance to ask questions about what is currently happening, as well as what is being done to preserve the area’s unique demographic, and architectural heritage. In order to help raise awareness of the Funk Zone’s unique qualities, we are currently organizing a neighborhood-wide event that will take place on Saturday, October 6th. The event will highlight the value of the creative community in the Funk Zone, and will include guided tours of many of the area’s hidden and not-so-hidden treasures. This will be a collaboration between many arts organizations, who believe that the Funk Zone should remain Funky.

Please join us at the Oreana Winery at 9am on July 27th. 205 Anacapa

Vinatage Funk Zone Shot by J. W. Collinge, circa 1940. Click on the image to see more vintage Santa Barbara photos.

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