The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative (SBAC) is an inclusive group of artists and arts supporters committed to sustaining and growing all forms of the arts in Santa Barbara. SBAC welcomes all to participate in the focused support of individual artists.

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative (SBAC) was originally organized as an ad hoc committee in 2007 in response to the changing landscape for arts funding in Santa Barbara. Public funding for the arts has dwindled significantly at all levels of government and private funding patterns have shifted to the detriment of emergent arts endeavors. Looking forward, the outlook for arts funding at all levels is a cause for concern as budgets shrink and limited resources are diverted to other priorities.

In response, a group of citizens who care deeply about the unique arts culture of Santa Barbara have organized in a conscious effort to identify new and innovative ways to sustain the arts for future generations.

The two words “collaboration” and “sustainability” have achieved such broad usage as to risk diluting their true meaning and transformative potential, but both words have informed the work of SBAC. The group believes that any meaningful contribution to the “cultural ecology” of our community will depend on true collaboration with an emphasis on building sustainable funding models.

SBAC welcomes all participants and includes a diverse group of individuals representing organizations from across the community including the arts, business, government and the private sector. SBAC will work to identify existing programs already working toward supporting the arts in Santa Barbara and seek opportunities for collaboration and coordination. The group will actively seek out community partners and new potential funding sources. A strong web presence and marketing campaign will support of the effort.

In addition to collaboration and coordination with existing programs, SBAC will seek to raise funds to be distributed as mini-grants to arts organizations and individual artists from all disciplines including the performing arts, visual arts, and literary arts. The grant application process will be kept simple and will be reviewed by a committee representing a broad spectrum of the arts community.

SBAC begins its work with an ethic of inclusiveness and simplicity. The focus will be on art, not on overhead and expenses will be kept to a minimum.


· Build a broad collaborative from all sectors of the community (arts, business, government, non-profit, private sector) committed to sustaining the arts in Santa Barbara. Form a core group committed to meeting regularly.

· Build a strong web presence, creating a central events calendar and forum for all artists and arts organizations to collaborate, compare best practices, promote their work and generally communicate.

· Serve as a “center of gravity,” matching resources with needs for the Santa Barbara arts community – providing outreach, mentorship, coordination and facilitation.

· Create high-profile marketing campaign to promote the collaborative, along with the quality and diversity of the Santa Barbara arts community.