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Creating a Framework for Cultural Vitality


Help us get the information vital to an arts and culture masterplan that represents all of Santa Barbara County

If you might be interested in continuing the important work of measuring and understanding the current state of our cultural sector, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you to talk about what your involvement might look like.  


The task forces will be a group of volunteers assembled from throughout the county, composed of nonprofit leaders, artists, teachers, businesspeople, and others that can help us reach the stakeholders in this new cultural arts masterplan.


The task forces will work to refine the questions that need to be asked and who they need to be asked of, will help conduct broad community surveys and organize existing data, and participate in analyzing and reporting on the data we find.

If the prospect of finding out "what's really going on" in the arts and culture sector excites you, if you want to make sure that Santa Barbara gets an arts and culture masterplan that speaks for everyone in our county, then we hope you'll consider signing up below.


Contact Casey Caldwell, Project Coordinator

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Project funded by

the Santa Barbara Foundation


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