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ONE WEEK LEFT: Funk Zone Artist Village Applications

May 11, 2014 Category :News 0

UPDATE: One week left. Get your applications in on or before June 6th. 

UPDATE (5/20/14): Application packet has been updated with a few more FAQ topics to reflect incoming questions.

Mesa Lane Partners is now accepting applications for the Funk Zone Artist Village (FZAV).

All applications must be legibly filled out in their entirety and be received by 06.06.14, to be considered.

You can download the application packet at the link below.


Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 1.06.16 PM

Please mail applications to:

DCP Bubbles, LLC
PO Box 92251
Santa Barbara, CA 93190

This Application Packet is meant to inform and provide artists with a unique opportunity
in regards to maintaining a strong and lasting artist presence in the Funk Zone.

Please email david@fz-av.com with any questions regarding the application process.