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Usher Reception at Marjorie Luke Theater

March 10, 2013 Category :Events 0

Usher Reception at the Marjorie Luke Theater

Selections for Art in the Mayor’s Office

March 1, 2013 Category :Events 0

Mayor Helene Schneider and the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative would like the thank everyone who submitted work for Art in the Mayor’s Office. We’d also like to announce and congradulate the artists who were selected for this exhibition.

They are:

Robert Blackwell

Brett Leigh Dicks

New Noise Foundation

Linda Hanly

Holli Harmon

Joan Rosenberg-Dent

Mel Zaid

Gail Pine

Fritz Olenberger

Bodhi Liggett

Please join us all at the show’s opening and meet the Mayors this 1st Thursday March 7th from 5pm to 6pm on the 2nd floor of City Hall.

We’d like to thank the Mayor for her involvement in local art and the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative for facilitating this event.